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The D-Wall

Functional Training and Rehabilitation

DWall Elite


D-WALL represents the mirror revolution in gyms. The most advanced functional screening and training system of D-wall allows you to perform each motor gesture with maximum control and helps you to analyze the performance in real time according to precise parameters. Thanks to D-WALL you can perform hundreds of exercises and programs ready to use, specific for posture, functional training, balance and strength. Assessment and training can be managed in an integrated way to provide a training guide in both Rehab and Health Fitness. Through a 3D camera and a force platform, D-WALL recognizes in real time up to 16 body articulations and every movement performed in the operative area.



3D Camera_DWall
3D Camera

Integrated on D-WALL is one of the centerpieces of the system. Thanks to body recognition and the gesture interface, the athlete gets real-time feedback on each movement played.

Load Sensors_4x.png
Load Sensor

Data on various parameters detected by the integrated load sensors in the platform for the registration of balance and forces is sent to the system and allows the return the final feedback.

Video Wall_4x.png
Digital Mirror

The natural and instinctive learning process of the digital mirror is enhanced and included in an integrated development of the analysis of monitor gesture and giving an immediate biofeedback

Tecnobody Key_4x.png
TecnoBody Key

Each athlete is unique, each patient has his own program, each has a personal TecnoBody Key. TecnoBody key contains not only the training program of the athlete/patient but also the assessments including: strenght, balance, stability, elasticity, etc. 

Polar Software Package

Real time cardiac monitoring, always available.

Thanks to the possibility of association with the Polar Software Package, you have the opportunity to monitor the heart rate parametersof your athlete or patient at any time.

The association with the system can take place via brachial, thoracic, wrist with smartwatch or any heart rate detection device based on BLE technology.

For example, you can set protocols for chronic after-stroke subjects with the use of high intensity workouts monitored through the heart rate, detecting the constant improvement of functional skills.

For the safety of your patient and the optimization of training, you can set limits that cannot be exceeded or specific predetermined work bands.

  • Video Wall 65" 16:9 FULL HD

  • Monitor 15" 16:9 HD Touch Screen

  • 3D Camera FULL HD - 30 FPS

  • Embedded PC CPU: 13 - 6100U 2.0 GHz

  • HD1 Tbyte; RAM 4 GByte;

  • wireless keyboard

  • S.O. Windows 10 Multilanguage 

  • RFID reader for TecnoBody Keys

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