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MF Trunk

Assessment and Dynamic Training

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MF Trunk

From the desire to create a functional system for assessment and dynamic training in a sitting position, TecnoBody gave life to MF Trunk.
A product with which we at TecnoBody wanted to focus on the motor crossroads between upper, lower and upper limbs, an area of the body often lacking mobility and traumatized.
The patient sitting on the Balance Trunk system can control in real time the movement of his trunk and interact with the system thanks to constant visual feedback in real time. The applications of this intervention are numerous both in the neuromotor field, for example in cases of hemiplegia, and in the orthopedic field, in the treatment of scoliosis.




The heart of the MF Trunk

The heart of the Balance Trunk system is a very sensitive multi-axial platform able to detect the movements of the pelvis in the antero-posterior and right-left directions. The stability of the system is adjustable by the operator in relation to the proprioceptive capabilities of the patient from a minimum level of 1 (maximum instability) to a maximum of 30 (maximum stability).

Thanks to the flexibility of adjustment of the platform you can make your patient work on the mobility of the pelvis, correlating the work to the mobility of the lumbar area, acting on the limitations both at the joint and muscle level.

Your training optimized with MF Trunk

MF Trunk is designed to achieve maximum results in organizing specific training for your client.

For a correct assessment of the pelvis movement it is necessary that there is an angle of about 90 ° between the femur and the leg. For this reason, the MF Trunk system is equipped with an electric piston that places the patient in the correct position before the evaluation or the training session.

Trunk sensor

You can optimize assessment and training using the trunk sensor combined with MF Trunk.

With the use of the trunk sensor, while the patient manages the treadmill in a sitting position, you can easily analyze the
movement of the rachis divided into two parts:
the pelvic one, detected by the movement of the platform

the thoracic one, detected by the trunk sensor.

Your postural check always
available with TecnoBody Key

An exclusive connection between the user and the system, the TecnoBody Key allows you to save your parameters, workouts
and reports, always available for constant feedback and to set up your own personalized plans.

Assessment of your client's postural structure is always available to evaluate step by step improvements during the set exercise protocol because the Key is recognized by the system at any time.

  • PC control touch-screen 20" with 1600x900 pixel resolution

  • Sitting dynamic with 40 cm diameter, adjustable height 41-60 cm

  • Trunk sensor

  • Wrapping upper supports

  • Fully connected to TecnoBody Management System by TB-KEY

  • Dimension: L: 1100 mm H: 125 mm

  • PC support: L: 700 mm H: 850 mm

  • Weight: 135 kg

  • Adjustable sitting height: 41-60 cm

  • Platform type: Dynamic, static

  • Use: Sitting mode, standing mode

  • Levels of stability: 20 levels in dynamic platform

  • Maximum load: 150 kg

  • Precision: 0,2 kg

  • Resolution: 0,1 kg

  • Sitting angles measurement: +/- 15°

  • Sitting angles precision: 0.5°

  • Sitting angles resolution: 0.2°

  • CoP resolution: 0,1 mm

  • Trunk sensor angles measurement: +/- 30°

  • Trunk sensor angles precision: 0.5°

  • Trunk sensor angles resolution: 0.1°

  • Sampling frequency: 20 hz

  • PC connection: RS232

  • Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 hz, 0,6 A

  • Power consumption: 200 Watts

  • Conformity: Directive 93/42/EEC - Standard EN 60601-1

  • Guarantee: 12 months

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Partners

Our Partners

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