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Assessment and Dynamic Training

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From the desire to create a functional system for assessment and dynamic training in a sitting position, TecnoBody gave life to MF Trunk.
A product with which we at TecnoBody wanted to focus on the motor crossroads between upper, lower and upper limbs, an area of the body often lacking mobility and traumatized.
The patient sitting on the Balance Trunk system can control in real time the movement of his trunk and interact with the system thanks to constant visual feedback in real time. The applications of this intervention are numerous both in the neuromotor field, for example in cases of hemiplegia, and in the orthopedic field, in the treatment of scoliosis.




Intensive and Versatile Overground Gait Therapy

The Andago V2.0 provides therapists with a versatile tool for overground gait training, bridging the gap between treadmill-based and free walking.

The unique combination of self-directed gait, body weight support, and mobility enables intensive training of various functional mobility and balance tasks. It is an ideal tool to help patients prepare for daily life.

The Andago supports training with constant body weight support within a vertical displacement range, allowing therapists to utilize any accessories that fit within the inner device width, such as steps, ramps, patches of various surfaces, balance boards, etc.

Active Patient-Following: Self-Directed Gait with Body Weight Support

The Andago utilizes mobile robotic technology to sense the patient’s movement intention and actively follow, while providing dynamic body weight support.

This empowers patients with the unique opportunity to walk physiologically and safely wherever they wish to go, through doors, from room to room.

This opens up a new perspective in overground therapy, enabling intensive training in a wide range of task-specific gait exercises (e.g. starting, turning, stopping, avoiding obstacles) in various daily-life environments.

Safe and Efficient Therapy

Fall protection ensures safe training for patient and therapist at all times.

Patients train confidently while therapists can focus on creating and maintaining an optimally challenging therapy, which opens the possibility for efficient group therapy settings under limited supervision.

Fast patient setup and automatic lift allow therapists to optimize training time.

Upright and Hands-Free Gait

With its dynamic body weight support, the Andago assists patients to walk naturally which consequently triggers continuous physiological afferent input.

Upright and hands-free, patients are thus able to train with full hip extension and balance reactions.

The Andago’s independent left-right body weight support enables proper lateral weight shift, a crucial component of gait and balance training. Asymmetric body weight support setting can be used to increase postural support on one side for patients with asymmetric functional impairment.

No Infrastructure Modification, Flexible Use from Room to Room

The Andago provides seamless clinical integration. It can be used straight out of the box. Installation and building modification, which can be costly, are not necessary.

No dedicated space is needed as it can be used flexibly in different spaces.

Its intuitive workflow allows for a quick and easy therapy start and simple integration into clinical routine. The display of key training results and export of data via USB enable training progress documentation for clinical decision-making and for health insurance providers.

  • Outer dimensions [L × W × H]:
    1.07 m (42.1 in.) × 0.85 m (33.5 in.) ×
    1.95 m (76.8 in.)

  • Inner width: 0.67 m (26.38 in.)

  • Weight: approx. 185 kg (408 lb.)

Adaptability to Patients
  • Patient weight max. 135 kg (297.6 lb.)

  • Patient height 135 – 200 cm (53.15 – 78.74 in.)

The Possibilities Are Endless

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