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Katana sport

Assessment and Dynamic Training

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Katana sport

The Katana sport is a modern and reliable treadmill that can be connected to external ECG- and pulmonary devices as well as to a Lode software network (LEM or LCRM). The Katana sport offers smooth acceleration and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,5 – 30 km/h. The walking surface of 190 x 70 cm and elevation of 0 - 25%, make this treadmill the perfect solution for use in sport medical settings. The treadmill is equipped with a 7" Control Unit with Touchscreen and fixed side handrails.The treadmill is executed with a special Lode Slat Technology with 106 soft grip covered slats that allows for high speed and a natural walking and running experience. Its unique bearing technology delivers high speeds at low noise levels while needing low maintenance. The function of this product can be enhanced by using it in combination with our Lode Ergometry Manager software. 934900: 400 V - 3 phases 934901: 200 V - 3 phases




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LEM compatible

This product can be used with Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) software to manage data and to apply specific protocols when a Communication card is present

Fully software controlled electronic fans

The electronic fans in the motor compartment are fully software controlled for low noise at low belt speeds and independent forced air cooling of the motor for maximum power output at high belt speeds.

Application specific motor design

Specific motor winding, enabling high current throughput over full motor frequency range, resulting in high torque at low belt speeds and maximum power at high belt speeds.

Closed loop motor control

This way of motor control enables
- Full brake at zero speed.
- Rigid speed control at all speeds, typically at interest when using steep angles, low speeds and/or high Test Subject weight.
- Load independent speed
- Angle independent speed

10 years service

This product can be serviced for 10 years after phase-out

Standard Safety Lanyard

The product comes with a standard safety lanyard to enable automatic emergency stop

Service friendly slat treadmill

Lode slat treadmills are almost maintenance free. Because of the unique slat technology no bearing-greasing is required. The only annual maintenance that has to be done is checking the running and electrical parts and the velocity calibration of the treadmill.

Downhill walking as an option (-25%)

This treadmill can be executed with 25% negative elevation. This allows for downhill walking which is extremely useful for rehabilitation of certain injuries.

  • portable breath-by-breath system

  • internal battery with a running time of up to 12 hours (optionally available)

  • Bluetooth ®  LE for connecting HR, SpO 2 , power meters and other measuring devices

  • Interfaces to numerous ECGs

  • USB or Bluetooth ® connection to PC

  • Front display with LED status indicators

  • Reverse polarity and damage-proof push-pull connectors

  • very low maintenance requirements

  • monthly calibration intervals

  • O 2 sensor with a very long service life

  • constant, dynamic flow control

  • modular, future-proof structure of the system

The Possibilities Are Endless

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