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The patented TENSIOMYOGRAPHY measuring device TMG S2 was developed in cooperation with the Laboratory for Biomedical and Muscle Biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tensiomyography (TMG) is an innovative and non-invasive technique used to evaluate the muscle function and performance. This method is based on the measurement of muscle contractile properties, including muscle strength, speed, and endurance, in order to provide insight into muscle status and potential performance. Unlike traditional muscle assessment techniques, TMG can provide real-time information on muscle properties, which is useful in a variety of fields, such as sports medicine, rehabilitation, and ergonomics. TMG can be used to monitor muscle performance, track progress over time, and evaluate the effectiveness of various training programs and interventions. In addition, TMG is easy to perform and provides reliable results, making it an ideal tool for researchers, healthcare providers, and athletes alike.

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