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PressCare G-SPORT3

Assessment and Dynamic Training

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PressCare G-SPORT3

It is the top of the range model as it has three inflation sequences including the sequential program. This program inflates the first chamber of the accessory and then the others, until the complete compression of the whole limb is reached. This type of sequence is particularly recommended by doctors for those who suffer from edema and lymphedema. The PressCare G-SPORT3 model is available in different configurations depending on which and how many accessories you want to use. The complete list of configurations is available in the data sheet. It is recommended to consult a doctor before the use.




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Human Atlas

Use the Human Body Atlas to select the Disease that needs to be treated.
You will be able to explore the different parts of the body , the pathology list and all the treatment parameters .

The Hands-Free Mode Double The Therapeutic Possibilities

The Hands Free mode uses two or more fixed electrodes positioned on the area to be treated .

In this way the therapist can also treat the patient with manual Chinesi in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment .

The Winning Formula RSWT.jpg
Find Well-Being in a Short Time

Globus Tecar Therapy is very effective and comfortable .

Extraordinary results can be obtained even with short treatment cycles and the results can be felt from the very first session .

Who can benefit from a Hypoxico Altitude Chamber?

Our hypoxic systems are ideal for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels, including runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes, can benefit from the increased endurance, stamina, and recovery time offered by training in a hypoxic environment. In addition, adventurers and mountaineers can use our systems to acclimatize to high altitude conditions before heading out on their expeditions.

  • portable breath-by-breath system

  • internal battery with a running time of up to 12 hours (optionally available)

  • Bluetooth ®  LE for connecting HR, SpO 2 , power meters and other measuring devices

  • Interfaces to numerous ECGs

  • USB or Bluetooth ® connection to PC

  • Front display with LED status indicators

  • Reverse polarity and damage-proof push-pull connectors

  • very low maintenance requirements

  • monthly calibration intervals

  • O 2 sensor with a very long service life

  • constant, dynamic flow control

  • modular, future-proof structure of the system

The Possibilities Are Endless

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