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Metamax 3B

Assessment and Dynamic Training


Metamax 3B

The Cortex Metamax 3B is a state-of-the-art metabolic measurement system used to accurately measure and analyze an individual's physiological response to physical exercise. This sophisticated technology is designed for use in a variety of research settings, including sports science, clinical exercise physiology, and performance testing. The Cortex Metamax 3B is capable of providing real-time data on a range of metabolic parameters, such as oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and heart rate, enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of an individual's energy expenditure and overall fitness level.




Resistant to
Extreme Temperatures

Whether in snow and ice at minus degrees of up to 10 °C below zero or in the desert at temperatures up to 40 °C, the METAMAX ® 3B is insensitive to extreme outside temperatures.

Can Be Used at Any Height

With a weight of just under 600 g, the METAMAX ®  3B is the lightest mobile spiroergometer on the market. This is a decisive advantage in many disciplines, because in field tests the total weight of the subject increases only minimally and has hardly any influence on your test results. 

Testing Load Limits in Occupational Medicine

The stress of firefighters in action is difficult to simulate in the laboratory. When heat, stress, respiratory protection, heavy equipment and many other effects come together, it is particularly important to measure their influence on the test person in combination.


Spirometry too

Your Terms

The METAMAX ® 3B can be operated in different ways with the laptop, the Smart Control or completely independently. Simply synchronize the recorded test data with the MetaSoft ® Studio application software.

The METAMAX ® 3B relies on a powerful GPS module to record the speed and position of the subject in the field test. The speed and incline curve calculated from this enables an objective load reference of the spiroergometric results for each field test

The highlights of the METAMAX ® 3B
  • Extremely light, mobile breath-by-breath system (580 g)  

  • Telemetry range of over 1,000 m(bi-directional telemetry with Bluetooth ® technology)

  • With chest and back carrying system

  • Convenient control by Smart Control, laptopor as a standalone

  • 6 hours of battery life

  • 400 hours of data storage

  • Constant, dynamic flow control

  • Freely definable audio signals

The Possibilities Are Endless

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