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Armeo Spring

Assessment and Dynamic Training

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Armeo Spring

Hocoma Armeo Spring is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation device designed to help individuals recover from arm and hand impairments caused by neurological conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury. This cutting-edge technology combines robotic technology with interactive gaming to provide a fun and engaging rehabilitation experience. The device uses a customized arm support to ensure proper alignment and support, and its real-time feedback system helps to track progress and optimize therapy sessions.

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Self-Initiated Arm and Hand Training

By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring encourages the patients to achieve a higher number of arm and hand movements based on specific therapy goals.

Simultaneous arm and hand therapy in a large workspace

The ArmeoSpring allows simultaneous arm and hand training in an extensive workspace.

This enables patients to practice the movements important for their therapy progress. The ArmeoSpring supports 1D (joint-specific), 2D and 3D movements.

Ergonomic Device

The ergonomic and adjustable patient interface of the ArmeoSpring embraces the whole arm, from shoulder to hand, and counterbalances the weight of the patient’s arm.

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Motivating Exercises

An extensive library of motivating game-like Augmented Performance Feedback exercises has been designed to train strength and range of motion needed for activities of daily living.

Immediate performance feedback motivates patients and helps to improve their motor abilities.

Increased Efficiency

The ArmeoSpring enables therapists to deliver higher training efficiency (more hours per day) thanks to self-directed therapy.

This is possible by reducing the need for continuous therapeutic guidance, thus giving therapists the possibility to supervise more than one patient at a time. Furthermore, self-directed therapy enables patients to reach an even higher therapy intensity through extra training during after-hours and weekends.

Objective Assessments

The ArmeoSpring precisely records how patients perform during their therapy sessions.

Standardized Assessment Tools evaluate a patient’s motor function such as joint range of motion. The results can be used to analyze and document the patient’s state and therapy progress. Results can then be shared with the patient and other clinicians.

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Part of a Modular Therapy Concept

The ArmeoSpring is part of the modular Armeo Therapy Concept, an upper extremity concept that covers the “Continuum of Rehabilitation” with one software platform throughout a range of devices, each developed for a specific stage of rehabilitation – from early rehabilitation to long-term recovery.

Armeo Therapy Concept - Group Setting.jpg
  • Device’s dimensions [L × W × H]:
    0.8 m × 0.8 m × 1.38 m (31.5 × 31.5 ×
    54.33 in.)

  • Weight: approx. 82 kg (180.8 lb.)

Adaptability to Patients
  • Electric lifting column for comfortable
    height adjustment (range: 400 mm /
    15.7 in.)

  • Continuous adaptation to patient’s
    – forearm lengths (elbow to handgrip):
    290 – 390 mm (11.4 – 15.4 in., 230 -
    370 mm for ArmeoSpring Pediatric)
    – upper arm lengths (shoulder to
    elbow): 220 – 310 mm (8.7 – 12.2
    in., , 155 - 235 mm for ArmeoSpring

  • Continuous adaptation of weight
    compensation force to patient’s needs

  • System platform compatible with
    commonly used wheelchairs

The Possibilities Are Endless

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