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Assessment and Dynamic Training

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From the desire to create a functional system for assessment and dynamic training in a sitting position, TecnoBody gave life to MF Trunk.
A product with which we at TecnoBody wanted to focus on the motor crossroads between upper, lower and upper limbs, an area of the body often lacking mobility and traumatized.
The patient sitting on the Balance Trunk system can control in real time the movement of his trunk and interact with the system thanks to constant visual feedback in real time. The applications of this intervention are numerous both in the neuromotor field, for example in cases of hemiplegia, and in the orthopedic field, in the treatment of scoliosis.




Effective Functional Gait Therapy

Help your patients train for everyday life by simulating challenging situations using virtual reality, treadmill belt projections, and a force plate. Obstacles and targets replicate scenarios such as walking amongst a crowd for interactive re-habilitation methods that help improve balance, steady gait, dual-tasking, and gait adaptability.

Objective In-Depth Assessment and Monitoring of Progression

Assess static and dynamic balance alongside gait patterns with in-depth information from spatio-temporal settings, gaitograms, and video recordings. Confidently train gait-adaptability and create robust therapy programs with obstacle avoidance and step target tasks. Generate precise, visual data for short and long-term insights.

Bodyweight Supported Treadmill Training

The C-Mill offers extended training possibilities through its optional bodyweight support (BWS) system. Treadmill training with BWS creates options for earlier rehabilitation phases and has been proven to improve gait speed and endurance. Unload patients up to 40% body weight during balance, gait or gait adaptability training.

Fun, Motivational and Enjoyable

C-Mill provides enjoyable and confidence-building therapy through its functional, safe, and challenging but fun applications.

Effective Therapy Sessions

Increase real training time. C-Mill may lead to increased actual therapy time as overground walking tracks, including obstacles, turns & stepping targets no longer have to be set up. During C-Mill training, patients can take more than twice as many steps compared with a conventional physiotherapy session of the same duration.

  • Outer dimensions [L × W × H]:
    1.07 m (42.1 in.) × 0.85 m (33.5 in.) ×
    1.95 m (76.8 in.)

  • Inner width: 0.67 m (26.38 in.)

  • Weight: approx. 185 kg (408 lb.)

Adaptability to Patients
  • Patient weight max. 135 kg (297.6 lb.)

  • Patient height 135 – 200 cm (53.15 – 78.74 in.)

The Possibilities Are Endless

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