Abhinav Futuristics Pvt. Ltd. offers well proven concepts for:


AFL aims at providing a range of medical fitness and training products that promote a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of wellness to keep one’s body, mind and spirit healthy.

The main focus is to bridge the gap between the healthcare and medical fitness by offering World class equipment that includes the use of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training.


We offer exclusive product range of International standards to improve performance of sport persons related to specific sport where postural and sensory motor training, functional strength and explosive cardio are integrated to provide more holistic and complete exercises.

The client is initially assessed and then guided through a highly customized training procedure for optimal performance.


We provide rehab equipment to various sports organizations and medical institutions to provide rehabilitation services to people who are recovering from injury or illness.

Neuro Rehabilitation

AFL focuses on neurological rehabilitation which aims to support speedy recovery from a nervous system injury and to minimize and compensate for any functional alterations resulting from it.

Ortho Rehabilitation

AFL represents TecnoBody in India that has developed concepts such as ‘Proprioceptive control and controlled load- ProKin’, the ‘Light G-MJS’ function or the ‘Chain Assessment – T bed’ which were the beginning of a new methodological approach for functional assessment and rehabilitation.


AFL offers education programs in conjunction with the international partners on training the general public about how the equipment works, its benefits and how to maximize results.

AFL is associated with BASI Pilates one of the top Pilates education academy with the ultimate goal of “WELL BEING of Individuals by providing Quality Knowledge”.

The mission of BASI Pilates India is to educate Pilates instructors by maintaining professional standards for teaching of this method with a focus of providing guidance and nurturing to all that seek to study this method.


The AFL design service team provides realistic 2D/3D images to envisage concepts of sports, fitness and rehab centers that also act as a tool for promoting services to general public.

Our professional AFL design service will help to plan an entirely new center or refurbish existing facilities.


AFL not only aims at providing the most excellent products but also focus on giving the quality after sale service.

As regular service extends the life cycle of the products, AFL apart from giving product warranty ensures the timely maintenance of the products by updating the clients.